Deco USA takes a unique approach to investing in real estate, leveraging the assets to secure both EB-5 visas and solid returns on investment.  Founded by David J. Hart, renowned immigration lawyer, Deco USA views transparent real estate opportunities as the catalyst for living the American Dream.  It is our mission to provide our clients with sound and transparent investment opportunities that provide a clear path for full-time U.S. residence and profitability in the lucrative U.S. housing market.

The Oasis at ChampionsGate (Orlando, Florida)

Our Strategy

Deco USA engages in the acquisition, ownership and operation of portfolios that include single family homes, condominiums and townhomes in Florida. The portfolio’s properties are operated as single-family rentals (SFRs) that generate most of the revenue from rental income that is derived from the tenants of the acquired properties.

A model unit at ChampionsGate (Orlando, Florida)

Our principle objective is to provide an offering that generates cash flow and distributes resulting profits to Deco USA stockholders in the form of distributions, while gaining home price appreciation*, or HPA, at the same time through the ownerships of the portfolio’s properties. The execution of this strategy generates immediate and steady cash flow from the rental income of the SFRs acquired while potentially gaining significant HPA over time.

* No guarantee can be offered regarding a positive return on investment through appreciation of the asset.

Home at ChampionsGate (Orlando, Florida)

HPA is a metric most of our competitors use to project total returns. We believe cash flow is a better metric to project returns because cash flow is realized currently while HPA is unrealized and deferred until the assets are sold. Deco USA’s objective is to grow while generating available cash flow from the SFRs rental income. The generated cash flow will cover costs associated with the operation of our portfolio properties and will be the source of profit distributions for our members.

We will not invest in a project that includes units that are under construction. While significant profits are potentially available for this sort of investment, we prefer to shield our investors from the risks associated with construction and favor the approach of investing in units that are delivered ready to rent and which start to appreciate in value immediately.

Our Team

Deco USA prides itself on the diverse background of its management, including prior US government service, cross-border operational experience, and a multi-lingual staff.

Deco USA seeks to provide turn-key solutions for international investors seeking a secure real estate-based foothold in the United States, that in some cases provides a path to US residency, along with a hedge against foreign currency devaluation. Deco USA is committed to developing real estate offerings that deliver unique added-value for our members. Our team leverages years of international experience across many business areas to design best-in-class real estate projects that yield long-term positive results. We are united by a strong set of corporate values that enable our investors to exceed their investment objectives with clarity and simplicity. Our diverse exposure within the legal, financial and operational fields, as well as the cooperation of our strategic partners, allows us to design secure, transparent investment models that offer peace of mind for your future.

As a team, we understand the cross-cultural needs of different markets and value the local requirements and objectives of the countries and clients we serve. It is our goal to provide unique investment opportunities, managed by world-class property managers who understand that our members’ best interests are paramount.



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